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PaX - i3D CatalogVatech Korea

VATECH KOREA specializes in distributing dental equipment in South Korea, and half of the personnel are in the sales department. Key clients are hospital-related businesses and doctors, and the associates mostly visit them in person to discuss and promote the products. To maximize the efficiency of their sales, all associates were given iPads, and digital brochures for every product were created and distributed through MENTOR X. VATECH’s most expensive equipment, PaX-i3D, is a highly advanced product that offers 3D, rather than 2D, imaging. In order to effectively present this technology to clients, the digital brochure replicated the product’s 3D scanning information, and used various interactive features to deliver information to the clients.


A MR in a pharmaceutical company is given a short period of time to introduce products to doctors and pharmacists. Thus, conventional paper brochures contain an extensive amount of information in a single page in order to clearly deliver the strengths of a particular product in a limited time. But this excess of information rarely manages to capture the attention of doctors and pharmacist, and the brochures end up in trash bins. Digital brochures were created to overcome this limitation, and by using interactive features to illustrate the digestive and working process of a particular product, the information was easy to understand. Relevant videos helped clients to focus more on the content, and a quiz/poll was added in the last page to present a more engaging experience while also providing more data for statistics.

Gimhae AirportKAC

The Korean Airports Corporation discarded the usual paper brochure and opted for digital brochures using Appknot’s MENTOR X when preparing for the World Routes 2014 Forum in Chicago. The clients could visit the booth and use iPads to read through the digital brochure, and the information was easily distributed to other devices using a QR code. All of KAC’s associates in the forum used the digital brochures made through MENTOR X, and they were able to deliver information in a much effective way for the benefit of their business. Also, KAC used the client data collection feature to carry out various polls and collect client information, making way for a successful forum exhibition.


SK Detail BoxSK Chemical

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Priority BankingStandard Chartered Bank

SC Bank chose Mentor X Solution to assist them in providing a new service called Priority Banking to its clients. To provide distinguished service that is customized for each individual client, SC Bank has provided an investment solution tailored to each individual and has been aggressively marketing their new finance product. Because interest rates and other variables constantly change for finance products, new paper brochures were always being created and printed out to present to clients. However, the MENTOR X Solution allowed them to quickly update the constant changes to their products and provide clients with the latest information. SC Bank has provided tablet PCs for the PB Center to facilitate fast consultations with clients using digital brochures, and various interactive multimedia features were used to to create precise content.