Privacy Policy

appknot (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) collects, uses and manages personal information of users in accordance with the following principles, and related laws and regulations of Korea, personal information protection regulations and guidelines Are complied with. Through the personal information processing policy, the Company will inform you of the purpose and manner in which your personal information is used and what measures the company takes to protect your personal information. The company’s personal information processing policy contains the following contents.
1. Purposes of collection and use of personal information
2. Items and method of personal information to be collected 3. Period of holding and using personal information and destruction procedures and methods 4. Provision of personal information 5. Commitment of personal information processing 6. User and legal representative 7. How to install and operate the automatic collection device for personal information and its refusal; 8. Technological / administrative protection measures of personal information; 9. Operation of the personal information management organization; 10. Other policies regarding personal information processing. Obligation Obligation
Company following purposes.
Member management Identification of user, confirmation of identity, confirmation of sign-up, and announcement b)
.Use and use of the Service; C) statistics of service utilization by members; Other service validation, and smooth quality service and contents

2. Personal information items and methods collected The Company collects personal information according to the following principles for the purpose of ‘Collection and Use of Personal Information’ There is.
Collection of personal information Items to perform the essential functions of the service are collected as essential information. If the user does not provide the information to the company, restrictions may be imposed on the use of the service. However, In the case of information collected for additional use, there is no restriction on the use of the service even if it is not entered. Depending on your use of the service, we collect the following information: Name, login ID, password, mobile phone number Business registration number, business name, representative name, business location, business type, item, business telephone number, business fax number, , Copy of partnership contract) We do not collect any sensitive information that may violate the individual’s rights, interests, or privacy, such as user’s ideology, beliefs, past history.
I. Collection method The method by which the company collects personal information of the user is collected through homepage (membership registration, consultation bulletin board), written form, application for a prize contest, provision from partner companies, All. Consent of User When collecting personal information of user, company informs user and informs consent beforehand when changing contents of above collecting item. However, in the process of providing the service requested by the user, it is difficult to obtain the usual consent for economic and technical reason as personal information necessary to implement it, when it is necessary for the settlement of the charge by the provision of the service, If you have any special regulations in other laws, you may collect your personal information without your consent.

3. Procedures and methodsdestroying personal information and period of use a
for. Retention and Termination of Personal Information and Termination In the event that the purpose of collecting and using personal information with respect to the user’s personal information has been achieved, or the period of using and holding the consent of the user has expired or the business has been closed, The method of destruction shall be completely erased by means of a technical method to prevent recovery and reproduction in the case of electronic file. In the case of records, printed matter, and written documents, it shall be destroyed or destroyed by incineration.
I. Unauthorized possession of personal information
(1) Consent of the user Even if the purpose of collecting and using the personal information set out in paragraph (1) above is achieved, the company shall not use the service provided by the company or the company illegally In order to prevent that, the user’s login ID is kept for one year.
4. Provision of Personal Information The Company shall provide personal information of users “1.withina range of notices in the collection and use of personal information purposes
Use only, “andwithout the prior consent of the user exceeds the dynamic range using a rule ordisclose personal information
do not to the outside.
5. technical / managerial personal information Protection Measures The Company makes the following efforts in handling the personal information of users:
A. Establishment and enforcement of the internal control plan “Standard for the safeguarding of personal information” and “Standard for technical and administrative protection of personal information” according to establish and enforce the internal management plan
or personal information and to minimize the minimize and education specify personal information handlers in the handler specified and implemented privacy training.
(c) blocking intrusion restricting access to personal information system We use a detection system to control unauthorized access from the outside. Control access to personal information through the root zone management, and records the details of the authorization, modification or cancellation and for at least five years keep a record.
(D) prevent archival and forgery in connection recording personal data processing system E. Records ofbe stored and managed for at least six months and shall be protected against forgery, theft or loss
personal information shallof personal information. Security measures such as passwords, passwords, and passwords are stored and managed in a one-way encryption that can not be decrypted
F. Technical measures against hacking etc. To prevent leakage and damage of personal information caused by hacking or computer viruses, Installing the system in an area where access is controlled from outside, and installing the system technically and physically And to monitor and block.
With the physical storage of personal information processing systems that keep the personal information access control for four places. The unauthorized parties separately and establish and operate the access control procedure for
6.Privacy dedicated organization In order to protect the personal information of the user and to handle the complaints related to the personal information, the operating company operates the relevant department and individual I have designated the person in charge of information management.

– Phone: +82 02-702-5526 – Email:
– Name: Hyun Jun Moon> – Phone: +82 02- 702-5526 – E-mail:
Also, if your personal information is infringed and you need to report or consult about it, please contact the following organizations for help.
– Personal Information Infringement Complaints Center ( / without state number 118)
– Personal Information Dispute Resolution Committee ( / 1833-6972 without any area code)
– Cyber Investigation Department of Supreme Prosecutors’ Office (www.spo.go1301) / No State Number- National Police Agency Cyber Safety Bureau ( / 182 without State Number)
7. Notification Obligations This Personal Information Protection Policy was enacted on October 29, 2018, If the content is added, deleted or modified according to the change, it will be announced at least 7 days before the revision.